Marine Barge Master

Semente & Victorino Consulting (“SVC”) is a consulting and strategy firm focused on human capital management and corporate immigration, whose mission is to provide strategic and innovative solutions to clients, with the objective of promoting and facilitating domestic and international operations. In this context, SVC is recruiting a Marine Barge Master for its client, a multinational with mining operations in Nampula Province.


  • Responsible for implementing and complying with the safety and environmental policy of the company which includes motivating the crew for compliance;
  • Overall in charge of the vessel at all times. He/she is accountable for all safety, efficiency, maintenance and watertight integrity onboard the vessel;
  • Responsible for the management of the victualing on board and its relevant accounts.
  • Responsible for ensuring the vessel complies with rules and regulations from Classification Society, Mozambican Flag State and Local Authority Regulations;
  • Responsible for ensuring the vessel is seaworthy at all times, including safety equipment and inform the Marine Department of any deficiencies;
  • Co-ordinate shipboard training and motivates the crew;
  • Schedule regular shipboard drill and exercises as per SOLAS and company requirements;
  • Responsible for the efficient and effective use of people and materials, this includes maintenance, security and watchkeeping duties;
  • The Master maintains discipline, order, neatness, hygiene and adequate living conditions throughout the ship including the implementation of the 5S principles;
  • Responsible for the safe and efficient loading and discharge of cargo;
  • Responsible for the safe navigation, safe operation and safe maneuvering of the Product Barge;
  • Responsible for maintaining monthly accounts as per the Marine Department’s instructions and to provide a full summary of accounts at month end or at change of command;
  • Keeping the administration or, when delegated, overseeing administration keeping.
  • Send to the Marine Department a daily, weekly and monthly report as per instructions;
  • Responsible for reviewing the operation procedures and reporting deficiencies or revised procedures to the Marine Department;
  • Weekly rounds of the vessel and creating 3W action plans for improvement;
  • Responsible for onboard security;
  • Issuing appropriate standing orders and instructions to the crew in a clear and simple manner;
  • Ensuring that safety meetings, inspections and drills are held and that minutes are taken and recorded in INX.



  • Master Unlimited Certificate;
  • At least 3 years’ experience on vessels using azimuth thrusters or vessels with dynamic positioning;
  • Fluency in Portuguese and English.



Submit your application by sending your CV in Portuguese and English until the 17th of November 2021.

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